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cats "helping" to clean the litterbox

I was cleaning the litterbox this morning. I pile all the cleaned litter on one side of the box as I clean it. Well Honey jumped in the litter box and started leveling all the litter I had piled, I was only half done. She digs around in it for a couple of minutes, then leaves me to clean it all again. UGH

Sometimes I will be half done and both of them decide that they have to use the bathroom. So I have to wait till they are done before I have to reclean it all. Or they will wait until I have finished and then go and use it. Fu usually will wait until it is cleaned, then have a nasty smelling #2.

I was wondering if any other cat owners have any of these fun litterbox stories?
:queen: Honey - Brown Tabby - 1.5 years old
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