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prin your amazing, truly. i just cant understand why yuou find it amazing, unbelievable or whatever that i pick up dog poo with my hands, it is of course dry, i do this with all animal poo except chicken as it never dries really

i truly swearto you i dont find anything wrong with it, i have friends that do it too, i have never thought of it as yucky, we wash our hands thoroughly after and were all a super hygenic bunch, although im the worst...

its jsut easy and simple and the way its been done through out the ages, at least im assuming before shovels anyway. i havedone it all my life, as kids we always through dry cow pats at each other, i just thought alot moreppl did this i suppose...

to me its only animal poo and qiute clean and pure, unlike human stuff...

its jsut easy when your pickin up lots of poo, like cow poo for fertalising gardens...

how bloody odd really
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