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Congratulations on the new puppy!
Is Carl's bed close to you?
He is missing his mommy and littermates so will cry until he is exhausted and falls asleep or he is comforted (just like human babies). Maybe he could sleep with you for a couple of nights or until he settles and bonds with you. You could then gradually move him further away from your bed until he is sleeping where you want him to sleep.
I have fostered rescues over the years and found myself sleeping on a couch with a new dog until they settle. One of them now sleeps happily in her crate in my bedroom about 6 feet away from my bed. I had to sleep with her for 3 weeks but others have only taken a couple of nights to settle.
I'm of the opinion that an upset dog should be responded to fairly quickly as the dog may need to toilet or is not well or upset (one of mine is terrified of thunder). Ultimately you will want your dog to trust you and that helps form a strong bond between you. Good luck to you and hoping you have a good sleep tonight
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