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Geez Goldfields, you didn't have to go through all that effort! Thanks so much, though, for all your help. Sorry to hear you've misplaced yours--hope you find it! Also sorry to hear you were in the hospital! My sister was just in the hospital for a week and a half after having her gallbladder nearly burst (they ended up having to remove it) and I know it wasn't a fun time for her. At any rate, I really appreciate your help. If you can't find the one you had, don't go crazy. I'll just see which one has the best reviews on a dog care website or something. At this point I think anything would do better than the one I was using. Again, I have one (probably like the one you used to have) which is shaped like a hook and only works if I scrape with the pointy end. I'll use it on him for like an hour and only get a very small amount off, which had led me to believe the rest wasn't really going to come off. But I'm so glad to hear that using a different style scaler could do the trick!
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