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Arrow *URGENT* 3 Rotties in WV need help

Can anyone help save these 3 rotties from the gas chambers!!??

Here's the info

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 15:19:34 -0000
Subject: [Dog_Rescue_RailRoad] Urgent - 3 Rottweilers in West Virginia Need Help!!!

Stacey (3-5 yrs), Buster (3-5 yrs) and Duke (5 yrs), all beautiful,
purebred Rotties face a slow gas chamber death soon if no one saves
them. This is particulary sad because they have been the pawns in a
court case dating back to September 2003 and now at last they can be
released into loving homes. None await and no one is coming forward.
They will die. One has an untreated broken leg from a cruelty case.
The animal shelter staff is trying to care for them the best they can
but time is OUT now. Please contact Missy @, or Judy @ to help. Call (304) 675-6458. (none like cats)
Please call before it's too late. They are located at the Mason
County Animal Shelter, Point Pleasant, WV. to list pets that need homes or need rescue from shelters<a href=""></a>
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