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Question: What is osteoarthritis, in dogs what is the treatment?


Osteoarthritis or degenerated joint disease is a disease that causes the degeneration of cartilage and bone in a joint.

The cartilage in between a joint acts kind of like a sponge to allow movement and absorb shock when walking and running. When this cartilage disintegrates ( due to various medical reasons too long to elaborate) this sponge effect is no longer there and the two bones of the articulation now touch each other. This causes swelling of the synovial membranes of the joint , loss of the synovial fluid and pain .

As the disease progresses the animal becomes reluctant to move due to the lost of movement of the joint and tremendous pain.

Arthritis is not reversible, however your veterinarian can prescribe medications that can help prevent further degeneration of the joints ( cartilage) and alleviate pain and swelling.

Homeopathy , acupuncture and massage are also beneficial in helping an animal that has osteoarthritis.

Chantale Robinson AHT. Bs.
Holistic Veterinary Clinic
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