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Puppy urinates when seeing other dogs

My puppy is just over 8 months old and housebroken. However, whenever he sees another dog and sometimes other people, mostly people he already knows, he gets so excited, he "sprinkles." While he sometimes takes the submissive position when greeting other dogs, he is not scared. - other times he does not. On the contrary, he is just SO excited and just wants to play.

If it helps in your assessment, he is a 20 lb dacshund/terrier mix, crate-trained and I live in a condo in a high-rise building. He also goes to the door consistently to be let out - he knows not to go "potty" inside. He has been socialized frequently with other dogs and people, and since he was brought home at 10 weeks, adores other people and dogs.

Please advise :-).
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