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Originally Posted by tenderfoot View Post
Since he knows he is safe with you and you will protect him from the pup, then you need to look at other reasons he is not eating, hiding and acting depressed. However if you do think it is the addition of the pup, then what is it about the pup that bothers him? Energy? Pestering him too much? Getting too much of your attention? Not backing off when asked?
It would seem to me that just doesn't like that there is another dog in the house, I know he loves to play with other dogs that we have in the family, but an the end of the day they go home and don't live with us, I don't know how much age would matter to them, but all the dogs in the family are much older than him as well.

Yesterday I was sitting on the floor to say hi and play with them, and he wouldn't let the puppy come close to me, he is not aggressive at all, but he just stood in front on puppy at all times and not let him come to me.

We have been running a bit of tight ship lately, for both dogs, with the routine and rules for both. How I wish they could speak, so my little guy could tell me what is wrong, "maybe you just shouldn't have assumed I wanted company" he would probably say to us! I do talk to him, I believe he does understand me, and we talk for hours, and I tell him how much I adore him, and how my day went, in fact every day when I leave for work I kiss them and say I love you

I always had multiple pets when growing up, and never really noted any problems like this, it has been over a month and things just aren't really getting better, which breaks my heart, because my boy friend really thinks is better if we find puppy a new loving home - Bestia, our oldest, is his baby too, and I can see he is just not happy with the situation, I also see that he likes puppy, but I don't see a connection between them, you know what I mean? puppy does adore him though and follows him everywhere...but I just don't see any emotional bond there... and it just makes things harder but maybe he is just intentionally trying not to get too attached to him yet.
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