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We took the Momma and her kittens to our vet yesterday for
a checkup.
We have names for them now... Momma is Mystic
We have 2 boys and 2 girl kittens!
The 2 girl names are: Rasberry Blue she is a blue color kitten
and Sierria.

The 2 boy names are: Cosmo and Blaze.

They are all ok. They got all their shots that where needed.
The kittens are about 7wks old Mystic is about 2yrs old.

They are negative for feline lukemia.

And on Tuesday Mystic is going in to be spayed.

Our vet couldn't feel any babies in her.

Our vet did say that this wasn't the first litter for Mystic. She probably had a few.

Our vet told us that the babies are old enough to be separated from Momma. SO, we set up one of our greyhound dog crates and made it nice for the kittens and we are keeping Mystic in the bathroom nursery for at least half the day.

We put the kittens back with Mystic at night.

Our vet said that Mystic needs some time alone to rest. She looked worn out.

We took pictures and I will post them hopefully tonight.
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