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Mom and kittens

My Mom and Dad noticed the other day, a Mom and her kittens were living under our deck.
Since the weather was getting cold, we all decided to try to
capture them.
Right now we have Mom and 4 of her kittens. There are still 2 kittens to get.
We are afraid that the Mom took the other 2 and hid them somewhere else.
The 2 kittens haven't been seen today.
We are going to possible keep the Mom cat and 2 of the kittens, my Mom might take the other. If not we will adopt them out.

We hope that the other 2 kittens will appear. We usually see them in the afternoon. I hope they appear.

I hope they are not dead.

The Mom and the 4 kittens are safe in my Mom's house for now.
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