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Thanks SCM

The CBC test came back today and the vet called to advise all her organs are functioning normal so I too, am at a loss as to why the vet prescribed Cephalexin. We've given her 2 doses so far and both times, about a 1/2 hour after giving her the med, she's thrown up.

Kitty has been eating Fancy Feast "Grilled Tuna Feast in Gravy" all her 13 years. and this is what I don't understand.

From what I've read, crystals are either present because of a lack of moisture in their food, lack of water intake or stress.

Pet food manufacturer's have to abide to a certain degree of guaranteed analysis and was advised that switching Kitty from a cat food such as Fancy Feast "Grilled Tuna" that's loaded with moisture to another cat food such as NOW or GO wouldn't make any difference in whether or not she has enough moisture in her diet that would prevent the crystals.

Kitty has always been (for a lack of better terms) a scaredy cat. She's never been a people or animal companion. If we entertain, she hides. If the music or television is too loud, she hides. If Gryphon or Mollie look at her the wrong way and either one of them start to approach her, she runs and hides. Her relationship with Bella, our other cat is a whole other story and firmly believe that the problem with the crystals is not from her food but, is stemming from her levels of stress. She's been like this all her life.

It's just starting to get very stressful for everyone in my house because we don't want to give her away or have her PTS but we cannot keep living in a litter box either.
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