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He's crossed his feet in case it gets away from him. LOL. Not really, but it looks like it. I think he liked the snap and crunch of it. I said to my hubby last night that it'd almost be worth buying him the ocassional bunch of silverbeet so he can have some more fun. I love the stuff anyway, so we could share it.
In the litter I got that chocolate dog, and another with chocolate along its back, I also got, in a sister I retained, dilated cardiomyopathy, which had not been found in my female line prior to that, to my knowledge anyway. Mum's dog, in the photo, had a bad bite, and funnily enough I saw a strange coloured Kelpie one time and it also had a bad bite. So, I have done the DNA colour test on Jarrah, and will do it on Roo also. She's fine, and I expect he will be also.
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