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Originally Posted by Paul MacArthur View Post
Hi there!

I have a Sheltie and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I'm having a hard time getting the Sheltie to eat because he seems to be intimidated by the larger Rhodesian Ridgeback. We've tried separating them but he seems to only want to eat after he sees that the other dog has finished. The only problem here, is that once the big dog has finished eating, she will sit and stare at the little dog and be like, "Hey... you gonna finish that?". I would love to be able to put his food in a separate room so that he can eat it in peace before rejoining his larger buddy, but he takes longer to eat and will rather pick at his food throughout the day rather than have a few good chow-downs.

Does anyone have any suggestions that I can try to get the little guy to eat?
You could trying picking up the little dog's food after 15 minutes , I was told by my vet to do this with my little dog that a fussy eater. The dog will learn that if he does not eat the food right away it will be gone and will not get food until supper time. Every dog is difference and some do like to pick at their food. I knew a dog that would take a piece of kibble out of her bowl and eat it her food this way piece by piece.
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