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Sorry you feel that way, it is just some people are not aware of the consequences of feeding kibble to their cats. I don't think anybody implied that you were giving borderline care. You can take the advice given to you or you can choose to ignore it. That is entirely up to you. I know the HUGE difference changing to a quality all canned diet did for my cats.

I also see the difference in my foster kittens that go from a raw/canned diet in my house to a kibble (Orijen, not the crap stuff) diet at the store where they are adopted from and that is in kittens, not even seniors. Sooooooooooo in saying that, you seem like a person that really loves your cats and thought you would like to know about kibble.

I do have a cat who eats everything and is pudgey along with two cats that are slow munchers. I know what it is like and the work that goes along with have this dynamics in a house so I can sympathize with you.
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