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The breeder we got our dog from used it, and we used it exclusively for a while. We have added Acana - rotating the grain free flavours - with the TLC. It does cost a bit more to feed than the TLC - she eats about the same amount of each.

Interesting about TLC - they hook you into your breeder (isn't that how everyone gets started with it?) and the breeder gets a % for every bag you buy...for life. I have also noticed a lot of breeders in Ontario tie their health guarantee directly to using TLC food....hmmm... Interesting it was noted above that a vet does not sell the food and thus does not get a kickback....but the breeder does. Also I know of 2 vets in the Kitchener area that order it and then resell to their clients, so they must be getting the kickback too. Even my vet said he's considered stocking it alongside Hills and Medical in his office.

TLC talks about "commercial pet foods" and the "marketing practices" of brands like Iams, Royal Canin, Science Diet, etc , but yet they have these deals set up with breeders who are even tying their warranties to using the food (which is technically illegal - I am in the car business and can assure you we cannot force you to service your car at the dealer to get warranty work...we can only force you to service it). Our breeder did NOT require this but strongly recommended TLC and warned us - rightfully - to stay away from Supermarket brands.

In summary though I think TLC is a quality food, a good price, and the home delivery is handy. We still feed it as part of the rotation and the dog likes it, is not gassy, doesn't itch, has decent poops, etc. But frankly I think Kirkland (costco) is a similar quality food for a lot less money - aside from the multiple proteins in TLC -costco has different formulas you can rotate though- the ingredients lists look comparable. Kirkland is made by Diamond in the US - same as Taste of the Wild, Dick Van Patten, Canidae (also very similar to TLC!) - and although they had some issues a few years ago with the recall, I think it probably made them among the safest pet food company out there.

I stay with TLC as a part of the rotation because my dog agrees with it, but would switch to the very similar line of Kirkland food to save money, except for those 40lb bags. It would take my 50lb dog 8 weeks to get through that much food and I don't think it would stay fresh that long. TLC ships 35lbs at a time, but in 2 seperate 17.5lb bags (that are ziplock - as is Kirkland) to keep it fresh. Kirkland is available in 20lb bags in the states and I may pick one up next time I'm down there just to try it out.

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