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I like the idea of licensing cats, but I understand Barkingdog's worries about it raising the cost of pet ownership. It already costs a lot to feed and give annual vaccinations. Sugarcatmom, you are lucky your fees are so cheap. Here licensing fees are twenty dollars per neutered animal and more if unneutered. That means our three cats cost $60 dollars a year. Our dog costs more. We follow the bylaw and renew each year and it has gone up twice in the past five years since we got Dr. Seuss.
We won't get rid of any of our current pets, but we certainly will think twice before adding another one and the cost of licensing. (And if you get your pet from a shelter you have to license because they know you have the pet.) That makes one less potential spot for an animal in need of a home.
If you could guarantee the license fee stayed low, it would be wonderful, but too many city councils look at animals as a luxury to be taxed with license fees whenever they need more money.
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