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Smile Gsp vs rr

HI we have 3 GSP's and the first thing you should know is they are cuddle muffins! that being said they are a high energy dog and will play ball for hours and will get in to trouble if not being exercised on a regular basis. But they are adaptable and will understand when it is -40 outside and you dont want to go out. 2 Of our GSP's are hunting dogs and love it the 3rd was born blind so she is my girl. THe RR can be a one person dog as they were bred for secuity so it may not be the right fit for a family with young children. Call a breeder of both and see if you can come out and play with each breed that will tell you what you need to know. They shed the same as they are both shorthair breeds. Not all GSP's are as big as you think females should range 55 to 60 lbs and the males 70lbs. Good luck with your choice whichever you make will be great!! PS we also have a portuguese water dog that is a home body!! all the GSp's are loving and great with people and kids! the only thing is that if you get one from a hunting line which I prefer they can be not so nice with Cats unless introduced early and taught not to hunt them. All hunting lines will have pups that just dont have the drive for hunting but will make execellent pets. OUrs are both and I would not have it any other way!!
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