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Canine Papilloma Diet Treatment

My Great Dane (9 months) got menengitis and had to be put on steroids, which supress the immune system. She got a full blown case of papillomas - they were all inside her lips and there was more every day.All the vets said to wait them out - there was no treatment. I asked them about the Arithromycin but could not convince them to try it with my pup.

Papillomas are viral and contagious. They usually resolve by themselves within 1-4 months.I didn't want to make her wait that long. She couldn't go to her beloved daycare or play closely with any other dogs for fear of transmission.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and get rid of them by supplementing her diet and getting her immune system stronger.

I found out that Lysine supplements were repeatedly mentioned in helping speed recovery. Foods high in Lysine were good - whereas foods high in Arginine were bad for this. Arginine enhances this virus and lysine suppresses virus replication.

I put her on 2000 mg (2 x 500 mg capsules twice a day - I opened them and mixed them with yogurt) ... she weighs 90 lbs. You can adjust for your dog's weight. I got some dog multi-vitamins from the vet as well.

Feed the dog foods high in Lysine


I also gave her Cod Liver Oil.

Avoid foods high in Arginine for now

Peanut butter
Whole wheat bread

I kept it up for 2 weeks. Every meal was high quality kibble mixed with water, Lysine supplement and 2 foods high in Lysine (she went ga-ga over sardines). There was no improvement in the first 2-3 weeks - in fact they got worse really fast and spread. Then around the 3rd week, the white "fronds" on the outsides of the papillomas started falling off. I could wipe some off easily with a tissue. There was a bit of bleeding, and I even crushed some of the softer ones. Within 10 days, most of them were gone.

I have now reduced her Lysine supplements to 500 mg per day just to keep them at bay.

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