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Originally Posted by Milly View Post
Hi there,
I posted a couple of days ago about my puppies warts. She has a lot of them, about 20 and they seem to be growing a bit, but not to the point that it's causing her any difficulty.

My vet initially said to just wait it out. I called her daycare and they said their vet recommends Varalyis. I called my Vet, she did some research and disagreed with the Varylis. She recommended an anti-biotic (as with people don't most Dr's say that anti biotics don't work for viruses??). I've done so much research and can't seem to find much about warts and antibiotics.
I want to thank for your confusion with an antibioitc to treat a virus! You are correct. Anti-Bioitcs are for bacteria and Anti-Virals are for viruses and Anti-Fungals are for fungi, etc...

While Viralys (L-lysine) is an antiviral, it is typically effective for herpes virus, not papilloma. But as lysine is an amino acid and is virtually free of side effects - it probably won't hurt. However there is no evidence that I am aware of, that lysine has a positive effect on papillomas.

Typical treatment for papillomas: "a tincture of time" as my professor used to say. They generally will regress on their own, once the body's immune system responds to the virus.

Another treatment is Aldara (imiquimod). It is anti-viral treatment for genital warts in people. Here is a weblink: Aldara. I have had good success with this medication for persistent papilloma warts.

If your vet questions this - have them type in "aldara" and "papilloma" in the vin website ( VIN ) search. It will support this medication.

Best of luck!
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