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Unhappy Constipated Dog

Our dog, which is a Shetland Collie of about 12 years old and weighs 31-pounds (please don't ask), has been constipated for over a week.

We've tried mineral oil, didn't work. Small amounts of a laxative which causedher to vomit. Supposotories (sp?), which were recommended by a vet and worked a little. And a childs enema which caused pain and which we didn't continue for fear of hurting her more.

She vomits yellow liquid from time to time but not as often as she used to. When we fed her dry dog food she vomited about once every 2 days.

We've changed her food from a dry dog food to tinned (Pedigree) which worked for a couple of days and now she's constipated again.

When she tries to go she doesn't seem to be in any pain, but she can sometimes walk about for 20 minutes just squatting and trying to go.

We really want to take her to a vet but can't afford it and can't find a vet which will allow us to make payments.

Is there anything we can do to get her back to normal? Anything we haven't tried yet?

Thank you.

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