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Originally Posted by Karin View Post
Not from her area but in my opinion there is no excuse for not having a pet spayed or neutered. Taking on the responsibility of a pet means responsible in all aspects of ownership...not just housing & feeding. If someone cannot afford to alter a pet, how can they afford to treat this pet should a medical emergeny arise? With three cats the odds of an emergency happening are X 3. With 3 intact cats the odds are even greater. One emergency vet visit could cost more than spaying all three cats.

Check local shelters or Vet teaching hospitals for spay/neuter programs.
There are excuses, and hers/his is definitely a legitimate one. Without people taking in cats who really can't afford them the cat(s) would be stray or euthanized. Although a reduced cost voucher may be available, these owners are to put their family's living expenses first, not their pet. A vet also won't likely do the surgery while the cat is in heat so good luck scheduling it if the cat is in heat every other week.
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