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Walking weakness but symptoms don't fit


My cat, 5 years old, found 5 years ago in Spain with wounded paw, that was amputated after. He was 6 weeks old.
Since two weeks he have problems to walk, first was the single hind paw, but after some days he was not able to use forepaws. He just make some steps and forepaws are like without power. He just slide paws on the ground or falls on the side and stay like this for some time.
Doctor made X-Ray but found nothing special, beside crooked spine under influence of walking with three paws. Blood-test shows also not much something special.
Only values that are not normal are:
LDH 216 Normal Value: < 182
Erythrocyten 10.4 Normal Value: 5 - 10 T/l
Hematocrit 56 Normal Value: 28 - 45 %
MCHC 27 Normal Value: 31 - 35 g/dl
Granulocyte 23 Normal Value: 50 - 75 %
Lymphocytes 68 Normal Value: 15 - 50 %
Granulocyte (absolute) 1575 Normal Value: 3000 - 11000 /ul

He have a strong pain if the abdomen are touched. He eat normally, drink, are not apathetic, react on sound, smell, noise, also are active and try to play. I wait for additional blood screening on Monday, and I still did not found what could be, and doc also have no answer. If somebody had similar case, maybe ist a little help to found right diagnose...
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