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I gave mom this whole thread and talked to her about the food (for starters). She agreed that diabetic people have special diets so cats should as well. I think she's going to consider changing his diet. With any luck, that may be enough to keep him off insulin but we'll have to see.

As to testing his blood sugar, I'm not sure how she feels about that yet. Keep in mind that I'm speaking from a place of little experience (although with backup from people who have much) in comparison to my friend who is living in the house with us. Her cat was diagnosed with diabetes many years ago. She never did a single blood test at home. Eventually, she moved him over to Hill's diabetic cat kibble and took him off insulin. He lived for quite a few years after that and his death didn't appear to have anything to do with the diabetes (I don't actually remember the cause of death but he was 19 so he wasn't exactly a baby). Needless to say, I recognize that this was probably just good luck on her part (or on Kitty's) but she feels differently.

It's kind of one of those things - you don't want to do the extra work so you listen to the person who says the extra work is unnecessary.

In any case, I'm not sure if that's the route my mother will choose (or if I'll get involved and do it myself). I have to say that (and I feel horrible about this) but I really don't want to have to. I already have six cats of my own one of whom is pretty high-maintenance and I don't really want another one that will require the time and energy on top of the time and energy of my job, commute, foster son, and other responsibilities. On the other hand, how do I NOT get involved? You're making too much sense to just ignore (I think SCM asked who would give a child an insulin shot without checking the blood-sugar?) so am I sentencing the cat because I'm too lazy to get involved...
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