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I'll let the more experienced members address the idea of the peroxide - doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

And as for the scabs I'd say a vet visit is in order so they can get checked out before they get infected.

As for the dandruff and weight problem:

I also used to feed one of my cats Iams weight control, she also had dandruff. Through reading different things on this board I found out that Iams isn't the best food to be feeding my munchkins. So I switched to a higher quality brand of food bought at a local pet food store.

When I was feeding Winnie the Iams she would eat her food quickly and then start in on my other cat's food (Sunkist). With the new food she eats her food and rarely goes looking for more. The lady at the food store told me this was probably because she wasn't feeling satisfied on the lower quality Iams.

So now my previously fat cat, is now just a tubby cat and her dandruff problem has gotten much better!

Sunkist also has a bit of a hairball problem...I just make a habit of brushing her more often when she is shedding, it's practically elminated the hairball issue!
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