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I am new i would like to share my story. I have two cats female cat named Chelsea and the other Male Cat Cosmo. Recently Chelsea had two kittens.Everything went well she had her kittens on Thanksgiving. She had them in my son's room. Behind the dresser later i made a box for her and her kittens. She would let me hold them. Mostly when the chuck needed to be change we tried to keep the male cat away from her.
But just last week i went out of town. And planned to be back the next day. My son went to wrk and forgot to close his door. He said when he got home she qas hissing at him and tried to attack him. I asked what happened? He said he did not know a nd she ran after Como trying to attack him. He locked Cosmo in my room but he wanted me to take out Chelsea and her kittens because she has stood at the door hissing. He was scared.
This did not seem like her. I came home talk to her told her to follow me. As she brought out the kuttens to me. Because she had moved her kittens under the bed. I took them put them in the box into my room.. She was ok until i looked at the kittens in the box she hissed at me. I held my sweather up first reaction was to throw the sweather on her and run but i kept telling her take it easy i will not harm your kittens finally she calmed down.
But just before that my son came home took Cosmo put him in my room. She came out my son had his hand on the door she jumpped up to attack his hand hee let go of the door Cosmo cam out she wanted to attack him he ran and hid she made this aweful sound and then ran up to my son trying to attack him. It was funny later because he look like he was doung the Jig.
I talked to her to get her into my room she was not sure she wanted to go .she always listened to me i said what about your babies and she went in. That night she was in the box with her kittens. The next day she moved them to the back of my tv. Every time they would come out she would carry them back.
I would rub her play with her. I noticed when it was her time to come out of the bedroom she was always crying i figured ot out she wanted me to go back in the bedroom. There are times i want cook clean etc.
Just told her to wait i will go. Last night the kittens came out and she sat on my bed to watch them. As i did too. This morning the kittens came out one was away from the other she picked one up to be near the other.
I figured i gained her trust in me. But our live have turned upside down. I have to call my son i need to get out and do things also to feed her and litter time. Then it is Cosmo turn there are times when she is feeding and my son and Cosmo is out i can associate with my son and i am quick enough to go back and shut the door. To end this story i think Cosmo tried to attack her kitten while we was away and she became protected of her kittens. They were born in my son's room and he also abandoned her. Maybe that explain the attack. And now she is in heat any ideas???
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