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We just inherited an eleven year old farm dog (Border Collie). He has never been tied up before. We have been tying him up as he is unfamiliar with our property. He is leaving feces in the garage where he sleeps every night. He is used to sleeping in a barn at night. He is not happy. How can we help him adjust to the change. Also, How can we change his ways about having a BM on the floor in the garage? Any help is appreciated.




An eleven year old dog who has never been tied up before will naturally not understand what is going on in his life. Border collies, even older ones, are a high energy breed that need lots of exercise. You will have to see to it that your rescue dog gets at least 1-2 hrs of exercise a day. You can throw a frisbee, a ball, a stick, etc. and let him chase it and bring it back for more. Some people use a tennis racket to hit balls for their dogs. You don't say whether your property is fenced nor how large it is. If it is big enough for the dog to run, you could consider an electric fence to keep him from running away. Then you would not have to tie him up. An eleven year old dog should have some concessions made to his age.

The best way to housebreak (or garage break) any dog is with a crate. Very few dogs will make a mess in their crate if it is the right size. The idea is that their crate is equivalent to a wolf's den. They want to keep their special place clean. If the crate is too large and they can mess in one corner and get away to the opposite corner, they may do that. However, most dogs keep their crates clean. Put your dog in his crate whenever you can't supervise him. As soon as you let him out, take him outdoors to do his business and praise him lavishly as soon as he pees or poops. You can even reward him with treats or a toy if you want. You want him to get the idea that outdoors is where he relieves himself. If you want him to always go to the same place, then always take him there on leash so he cannot chose for himself. Never scold him for making a mistake in the house or the garage unless you catch him in the act. Dogs only make connections between actions and their consequences within a few seconds time. That's why rewards have to come so quickly for good behavior.

Laura, be patient with your dog. An eleven year old dog has a lifetime of habits. They cannot change overnight.
Also, he must be missing his familiar surroundings and his family. He needs love and support.
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