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One of our cats is really finicky and we've been through alot of food changes over the years. Some techniques that worked for us:

- Mix in some of the old food with some of the new food. Try 50-50, if that doesn't work try adding more of the old food to the mix. Over time, gradually reduce the amount of the old food that you mix in until there's none going in. You may still have to pretend to mix it to get a placebo effect though!

- Warm it up a little in the microwave. Not much, "warm" not "hot".

-Try enticing her with attention. Some cats love to be watched while they eat and might eat stuff they wouldn't normally eat if they're getting attention while doing it. Also if they turn their nose up and wander off to lie under the bed or something, bring the food to her and try again - sometimes the novelty of eating in a new location seems to make the food more exciting. Also if there are two of you (two parents) have the other person try this if it doesn't work for you. One of our cats is generally fixated on her mom, but for some reason dad can work magic when it comes to enticement and mom can't.

-Reverse psychology. This works with dogs, not sure about cats - the only cat here that it seems to work for isn't a finicky eater anyway. Pretend you're eating the food, and they can't have it. Pretend you're going to put it down for them - and then stop, and pretend that you're eating it again and they can't have any. Then put it down for them. My experience is that this will get cats really interested, just like dogs - but then they sniff at it and reject it anyway. You might get different mileage though, it might work if you combine it with mixing and/or warming it up.
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