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I think it is paramount for a person to be able to take food away from the dog, teaching this in a positive manner can be stress free for the dog and prevent possible life threatening emergencies in the future. Again, this should NOT be stressful to the dog, it should be fun. You don't just give food, yank it away, and walk away with it. There is a lot of info out there on how to do food exercises with a dog properly, and they should absolutely be done with every dog.

Now, bring kids into the picture, no way no how should kids ever be messing around with a dog's food. Kids should be taught to respect the animal and ask their parents permission before doing any thing and when they do some thing it should always be with the parent right there with them. Kids and dogs don't mix very well naturally, it's a learned process and it's very individual dog dependant. Just like every human doesn't appreciate a screaming child, not all dogs like the company or interactions with children.
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