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advice really needed!

Hi ,

I'm new here but I have read a lot of the previous forum posts before registering (I.e just doing pet research). I live in quebec and I have been searching for the right dog for a while and last week I was lucky enough to be introduced to a really beautiful husky/lab/rednose pitbull mix. I've done research on husky/lab mix dogs and I know they require a lot of attention, big open spaces, and I find my home offers that. I know I'll be an extremely dedicated/passionate owner , seriously not one day since last week I haven't sstopped thinking about the dog! my only problem now is the dog itself is verryy excited, which is a good thing but is the dog good around little kids? I have a little 6 year old sister and a 13 year old. I know husky/labs love kids (watched my neighbours for 2 months and we'd play in the backyard for hours. But the one I'm adopting, has anyone ever seen how they are around kids? Or if they're aggressive, I met her 6 times and she is very excited! I can post pictures , she's 4 months old with no shots on her. She LOVES to be loved. Can't even express how much I love playing with her. I'm 21 btw, and this will be my first official dog but I've watched dogs in the past for my neighbour for long periods. Thank you again!
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