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What I might be inclined to do would be to grab her food (or whatever makes her aggressive), and if she tried to bite (or did bite), I would grab her by the nose very firmly (not enough to hurt, but enough to know I'm not playing), and get very close to her face and very loudly tell her "NO!" I'd definitly let my actions no I wasn't pleased, then take the food away.
I would not recommend doing this with most dogs. Someone is taking the chance of being seriously bitten in the face by acting this way.

And by taking a dog's food away, you are confirming to the dog that the food needs to be guarded by whatever means. By snatching his food away and expecting him to be submissive, you are asking him to go against the strongest instinct he has - the instinct to survive.

Grabbing, shaking, rolling etc are not needed, and many dogs will see this as an attack. More dominant dogs may very well retalitate. Body language and desensitization are usually the better route.

Hey, WE might get very cranky if someone came and grabbed our dinners away repeatedly, or lifted us up while we are eating. I know I would!!