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Question Oh please, enlighten me

Someone please send me proof of these "painful" animal tests that Iams does?

Without choosing a brand, I would recommend that whatever brand/type of food that you choose, that you try to get one with a hairball formula or at least one that has a higher percentage of fibre than a non-hairball formula one (check the ingredient listings).

I have 2 long-haired cats and one of them actually *pulls* her hair out at times (the vet said she has a similar cat that does the same thing so I don't worry about it). Both of them have been on a hairball diet for the 6 years that I've had them, and the only time I get hairballs in in the spring shed (like right now), and usually only one or two out of each of them. My third cat is short-haired and he used to be on a hairball formula, now he's on a Sensitive Stomach formula, but he's never had a hairball, ever.

The other alternatives include those gels that you can buy and feed to the cat periodically if you aren't satisfied with a hairball-formula food. If you give it to your cat regularly, she likely won't have hairballs at all, and it has the added benefit of working as a laxative if she ever gets constipated (worked like a dream for one of mine!).

Hope that helps... and hoping someone can enlighten me about Iams.

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