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Heidi needs to get out of hiding...

This is a very special cat who needs a special home:

This cat was named Heidi because by day, she is in hiding. She spends her days in pipes that run along the house. To give her some freedom the owners let her out at night, but when she gets back in, straight to the pipes she goes.
Her owners can no longer keep her due to "allergies". She was due to be euthanized last week but at the last minute was spared.
I have been given a few weeks to find her another home.

This is not a lap cat, although she can be with a lot of love and patience. She is approximately 3 years old. she will allow to be petted when she is eating.
Heidi and her litter were born outside to a feral mom. Once socialized Heidi and her sister found their forever home. One night her and sister were let outside, but only Heidi returned and since then has not really trusted or has been close to humans. This is a long shot,and Heidi's last chance ; if you know anyone who would love a challenge and help Heidi trust again...she will be well worth it.
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