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Question what other parts of the site are we redesigning except this part??

Originally Posted by want4rain View Post
no new logo!! i love the current logo!! i didnt read all the way through the thread... but no new logo!! maybe... loose the dog crown. cats are way cooler anyway.

nooooo! dogs ROCK! Unless you're a cat lover or course.

dogs are

I like the colours

light purple
not pink (for the guys sake)
and my all time favourite colour... orange!!!

Yeah..i'm still stumped as to what other parts of this site there are. I didn't know there were any other parts!

About the logo... Love it, it is recognisable, but just maybe loose the crown and add a fish in there somewhere. My two goldies (plain and fancy) are swimming in their tank wondering will the world ever know them?? ><>

Love cats
Love dogs

I do!!
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