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"Past emotions do influence present thoughts, SSS. Always will.

Opinions differ. Always will.

The video shows a great deal of irresponsibility by the father. He allows his son, under his supervision, to do something to a cat that could have caused both cat and child a great deal of trauma. The father learned nothing, because his child miraculously did not get hurt. And the child learned nothing because the father did not correct his misbehavior. The cat learned to associate children with something unpleasant. This is a lose-lose-lose situation..."

i respect your opinion on this, you make a valid point.
i dont want anyone to think im FOR the video. it was bad(but not as bad as i thought it would be after some of the forum memebers' clarification.) like i said, anything a cat does i find cute, is that harmful? no.

also, i dont even know where to look for SSS. theres other cats around, so many houses around us that are unfinished, he could hide in any of them, i dont know where to look, how to look. im not giving up on him, i honestly believe he will come back. but im saying if he takes longer than two weeks, then i'd aknowledge the possibilities of this and that

Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Thank you so much hazel for saying this. Seeing as SSS and I "got off on the wrong foot" I'm afraid to say anything to him as he may see it as being "nasty".
It would be so nice to see someone looking for this poor kitty.
well 14+, im way passed that. i know how you are, how you approach things to a certain extent. or atleast, i know enough of how you are to have felt a difference in the way you replied to this. it DID feel like you were holding back to be honest. like i said, its ok, say whatever you want, how you want. i wont be offended or anything, i've said it before (and so have you), its the way you are. nothing wrong with it.

only thing im against in this forum, is people making derogative statements, or being negative with things. theres things people DONT need to say.

Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
Very well put Hazel. I can bet that one day , the cat will "turn" on the kid , and who's going to suffer from this ? The cat will be the one who gets kicked out of the house.

I also did NOT find that video funny.
good point.

Originally Posted by ancientgirl View Post
The father is mostly to blame as I see it. The fact that the kid did what he did makes me think he feels it's okay and his father has likely failed to show him any better.

If this were my husband, he would have needed a proctologist to get his camera back.
thats basically what i've been saying (except for him being my husband).

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NOT funny/cute, nor amusing- cats don't like water and simply tolorate kids. It really breaks my heart to see any kind of animal abuse as they rely on us to take care of them, the cat was just being curious, did not want a people bath Sure the kid is an innocent victim in all of this as the camera was there, so, wasn't a natural event but more coaxed and opinion of'course!
from what i know, and read, some cats DO like water.

anyways guys, i dont want you guys to take this the wrong way. im not for the video, im against that the father didnt intervine. i wouldnt go heavy on the kid though, he's learning (be it negative or positive) and so am i.
i didnt realise how this could be a gateway to other things.

anyways, thanks for the replies, i appreciate you guys replying and being honest, i can see this in a different way as i did when i first posted
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