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Arrow A slight limp after sleeping? ...


Our 1 year old(just had her birthday this June) German Shepherd/Boxer mix Shy has a very slight limp after she gets up from sleeping. Heres the info:

I noticed it the other night right after she had gotten up from sleeping. I really don't won't to call it a limp because its very slight. She'll put pressure on it. AND after she walks around a bit shes fine and the limp goes away.

I've felt both her legs/paws, because for a while I swear it was her left hind leg and then I look and think its her right hind leg. Anyway she shows no pain at all when feeling her legs. She actually went to sleep when I was checking her out lol.

I see no swelling. She doesn't have fever. Her apatite is fine. Her energy is great. She did zoomies in the yard today though I tried not to exert her too much just to be careful.

The day of she did have alot of exercise/zoomie.

Could this be panosteitis? A torn ACL? Just a simple sprain? Are these signs of hip dysplasia? How common is that in younger dogs? Too many questions? lol. Just a little worried. I'm going to make a vet appointment tomorrow but was just wanting some best guesses as to what it might be.

Appreciate any responses,
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