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Finally figuring out how to get bigger pics in here so I will add some more or just upload new ones bigger so you can see better Bobbi again, then Wicket looking pathetic, that picture was taken shortly after he got out of the emergency vet when he almost died from his second round of puppy shots:sad: That is whole different story. I now take giving vaccinations very serious. Within 1/2 hour of his shots he was gasping for air and crying in pain. He was not suppose to make it through that episode or so the vets said He spent that night at the vets in a oxygen tent on supportive care. The next day I brought him home against vets wishes(they wanted me to give up on him) I rigged my own oxygen tent at home and slept on the floor next to him night and day for 3 days, and slowely with lots of tlc he started pullling out of it Needless to say he has never been vaccinated since. I just get titers drawn to see where we stand. They always come back very high
Which could start a whole new conversation on how I believe we over vaccinate our animals like crazy Anyways last one is Wicket healthy and happy staring at his ball again
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