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Originally Posted by x.l.r.8 View Post
Just reread that, I'm not trying to discourage you, i personally believe if something works for you then do it, be it kibble, cooking, cans or a variation of RAW. Good luck and happy reading.
You aren't being discouraging. I think at first it was just such a foreign idea to me. I think dogs are domesticated so not the same as when they were packs long ago. The premise is they are dogs and ate in the wild. When did a Lab last do that?
Now, I am more open to it and having some issues with my pup Rory so we are taking him off all grains. Also, considering the raw now.
I also am a little weary of handling a bunch of raw meat; however, I realized I can buy it already pattied and don't have to cut, blend etc. I went ahead and bought some duck patties and will rotate with the orijen. It is also very costly so that is another consideration. It is just a new way of understanding diet and nutrition for my dogs. I am up for the challenge though. When I realized I would just be unthawing some patties for them and putting it in the bowl it sure made it sound pretty easy!
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