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jumping in to say "me too, me too i agree"

I am feeding my own version of a raw diet, it's far from purist but it works for my dogs and i truly enjoy making their meals every day (i have to admit they often eat better than we do, LOL!)

I like to boil up some veggies (sometimes with rice, sometimes not) and mash or puree them with the cooking water, and add a couple spoonfuls of their morning ground mix along with some plain yogurt or a raw egg, sometimes it's canned fish or raw fish chunks, or ground raw green tripe, or a bit of mashed ripe fruit like banana or avocado, or a bit of olive oil... sometimes i don't add anything at all to the ground meat mix (i make my own... chicken frames and beef, or ground whole chicken, sometimes with raw liver).

Their evening meals consist of raw meaty bones such as a quartered chicken or turkey, or bone-in pork roast, or ribs, or pork hocks, etc... anything i can find on sale. they'll only eat that if I sear it before though, i know i have picky dogs, but i'll do what it takes to get them to eat So far their health is doing beautifully, can't complain. No gas, tiny poops, no shedding, glossy coat, no bad breath, white teeth, good energy, no allergies, no scratching, etc.

I know I could feed a more natural way, ie only meat, bones and organs, but to me it lacks of something... so it's truly a personal choice and as long as it works for your dog, your budget and your level of commitment, i say it's all fine
"Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine"

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