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Lightbulb A suggestion....

Welcome to the forum, I'm new too!

The behaviour you are describing is typical of dogs that were raised in a puppy mill. They learn to do their business in their beds, the opposite of what they would naturally do because that is the only option they have. Once removed from the mill, they need us to teach them a better way.

I would take advantage of her desire to go in a confined area by setting up a safe place inside the house. This would be a location without carpets, large enough for moving around, laying down and to have a potty spot. You can try a litter box, or a bunch of newspapers. When she goes reward and give her access to the house again. Make sure she can get back here when 'needed' if you know what I mean. Watch, if she goes back and does her business reward, if you catch her doing her business anywhere else, try and get her back to the potty quickly and with out drama.

As she starts to learn to use the 'toilet' you can start taking the toilet outside when you know she needs to go. Reward like crazy for going outside, you may have to wait, and wait, and wait, but it will happen if the toilet is there. Scent is powerful. The last step is to clean, clean and clean some more to remove any traces of pee from inside. This will help to reduce the desire to go inside.

Good luck!
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