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Strong sentiments for an article you have not read.
I could be very wrong but I thought most people would actually appreciate the article.

Personally....I too am 100% in favour of licensing cats in an identical way to dogs. I do not think domestic pet cats should be allowed to roam freely in the same way that dogs are not allowed to roam freely. I also agree w/14+ that mandatory licensing WILL change the perceived "value" of a cat in the minds of some people.

From the article "In 2007, Calgary put in place mandatory cat licensing, and required that house cats be kept indoors or leashed when outside. Since then, 50,000 cats have been licensed and the number of euthanized strays has been cut in half."

That is VERY encouraging to hear imo. Of course it may not solve the problem completely, but 50% reduction in euthanasia....that's very very very good.
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