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Originally Posted by StaceyB
There are about 5 plants growing so far, the sun is not very good in this spot but it is not the worst. I know you can plant by seed but you always buy them here and the seeds are usually started inside and then transplanted outside. I have never heard of tomatoes growing the following year. I think if anything they would be cherry tomatoes. If this was a regular thing everyone would be doing it, never heard of anyone. Yes, we do cover the bulbs. It is very, very cold here in the winter.
Dogastrophe steps inside quietly, looks to the right, looks to the left, and steps around the GM food debate .....

If I am remembering my botany correctly, I believe that tomato seeds require cold scarification to get them ready for germination (similiar to apple seeds). So what happened is not that strange.

.... quietly heads towards the door and steps outside into the sunlight.
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