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oh prin, lol lol your too funny, god you make me laugh chic, yoru georgous my friend and im so glad we have ppl like you in the world that goes for the rest of yas too

now although i dont agree i think you should work in that industry prin, jsut because its worth lots of money and i would love for you to get a great paying job and have it all like you should and deserve so its not an enviro reason, but jsut personal desire , lol..... im so bad

um, ok how do i say this, ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology are a great interest of mine and a fascinating topic. ethnobothany is the study of bush food, um how do i say it so you will understand in canadian/american, not aussie, um, oh 'wild food' sort of... but wild food or medicines that have been used by indigenous ppl throughout history.

and actually one of my major study topics in my last year at uni, my last major work i produced a 'bush food/tucker book' for a specific region, it was designed for the general public using a colr system to determine habitat type and plant locations, was fun but crap alot of hard work.....

anyways the point being that its not that sort of genetic modification, that is the type that happens over night and in a man made environment...

all modern food is derived for wild food varieties. the selection activities of humans has resultedi n the modern varieties we have today, for example the selection activities of ppl in countires such as africa has resulted in the less bitter cuecumber we have today.

BUT it was only selection for physiological features such as flowering or fruit and essentially the plant has its original DNA, a cuecumber is still the cuecumber, but it may have evolved its physiological features to suit humans or its seed distributors activities but over a very very long period of time, were talking hundreds and thousands of years, not 1 year....

but when you alter that DNA in the lab you are changing it dramaticlly in a short space fo time, not over long periods of time which is natural and evolution ahs been found in many plant and animal species. throughut history or existance... but then again you could say human intervention is evolution in a way, then my arguments stuffed right and royally, but oh well i will stick to it, yahooooo...

but for example there are GM wheat varieties being grown in australia and have for a while now. studies have shown that in certain conditions these GM plant varieties can mix with its cousin wild variety and modify it, and often not to its advantage, such as producing sterile seed in wild varieties.... so its not good,

BUT (full of them today) if where talking GM rice such as drought hardy or such for the starving in africa with added vitamin such as iron and such, i would consider it, its hard but it would be a considered action i suppose... btu then again...

REDUCE, RETHINK, REUSE, RECYCLE.. "We only Conserve what we love, We love only what we understand, we understand only what were taught"- David Suzuki....NO WAR.
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