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Exclamation Should I put my dog down, please help!!!

Hi, my dog is 14-15 years old (not 100% on which one) she is a beagle with Cushing's disease and is believed to have something else wrong. She pees constantly and she always barks, especially when foods around. I know the barking isn't a reason to put her down, far from it. I don't know if that's a symptom of something. I don't know what to do she's lost so much weight and has a tumor and possibly another. She's very peppy at times but is also kind of special mentally as she was abused before she was adopted by us. She has siezers alot as well. I don't know what to do since she's always peeing. She will pee then walk two inches pee again and repeat for five minutes. I love her so so much I don't know if I should put her down or not. Please give me some advice or insight on how long you think she has and such. I'd really appreciate it.
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