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Well, the last few days have been full of good and bad news. Shadow finally started to eat - YAY!! Then he started getting pus - not around the wound but around the edges of the fur line where they shaved him. We took him back in and they said it was an allergic reaction to the scrub. They gave us an appetite stimulant (they wanted him to eat more) and an antibiotic. Stopped eating altogether - lots of licking of chops and drooling - obviously the antibiotic made him nauseous. Called the vet back and they took him off the antibiotic (his last dose wad two days ago but he's still not eating. Drinks a little but won't eat. He's very excited about food and he'll sniff around it but won't eat anything.

On top of that, he clearly uncomfortable - he won't stay still for more than a few minutes. He purrs and he seems to be be in pretty good spirits but neither of us has slept tonight. This is a step back - he's been sleeping fine. I'm wondering if I didn't get his pain medication in him. I was sure I did at the time but now I don't know. Either way, can't give him more just in case...

We have an appointment tomorrow for an ultrasound - if the stitches in the intestine have ruptured, that could cause the nausea.

They also let us know that the mass was lymphoma. That's not very good news but there's no sign in the lymph tissue, or liver tissue they biopsied. That's good news but I'm not sure it's good enough to cancel out the bad.

In the meantime, it's been nearly a week and I'm still desperately worried about him. Just recently, a dear friend of mine had to put her 16 year old dog down - he'd been with her since college. She says she may not get another pet because she doesn't know if she can go through that again. After all the pets I've lost, this is the first time I really understand that feeling.
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