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How old is the cat?
11 or so. Maybe 12. Not much older

Is he drinking normally?
Mostly. He takes a sip whenever I turn on the faucet (which is certainly like him) but maybe a little less than usual.

Is he peeing normally?

Has he pooped recently? Was it of normal appearance?
She says he doesn't seem to be backed up at all (pee or poo) but no idea about the appearance - there are a number of cats in the house so it's hard to tell which is his. We'll try to keep an eye out.

Did she change brand/flavour of food recently?
Nope. In fact, we first noticed the not eating thing when he seemed disinterested in his favorite treats.

Has she tried tempting him to eat? Cheese, people food ie chicken, deli meat, cheerios, catnip, a wee dab of butter, a different cat food?
Chicken baby food - showed interest but ate less than a teaspoon. Sour Cream (generally a favorite) - same thing, initial interest but a tiny bit is all he'll take.

Any manufacturer changes to the smell/texture/consistency of the food he's eating?
No changes.
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