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Originally Posted by Todd-VA View Post
Caregiver is daughter's friend and her mother. I only know them from the few times the daughter stayed the night but have no reason for being suspicious.

We live on five acres, and at least up to the day we left the cats tended to stay right in the open yard and only ventured a little into the tree line. If they got into something, I suspect it would have been something on our property. We left one vehicle behind and I see no evidence of anything leaking from it (anti-freeze was the first thing to come to my mind). They have access to the garage and there is a container of weed killer in it, but it doesn't show any signs of leaking.

My wife found web postings that suggest Lyme Disease could cause many of the symptoms but does manifestation in three cats within days of each other make sense? I find it hard to believe they all picked up infected ticks so close together, especially considering it has been pretty cold here recently.

The vet did not run blood tests since we were assuming an injury initially. We were advised to come back in for x-rays and blood work if the cat's condition didn't improve. The vet was closed today but we will need to get at least one of them in tomorrow so we can try to figure out what we are dealing with before treating all three.

It is hard to tell if their walk is due to pain in the limbs or just weakness but it doesn't appear to be pain. One of the cats appears to be weak in a front leg rather than rear. They have all been sleeping the day away but do get up and move around on occasion. They are also taking food and water when put in front of them but I don't think they are consuming their normal amounts.

Thanks for the well wishes.
Did you see any signs of vomit or diarrhea outside , I am not sure how cold it where you live but I was wondering if there any frozen vomit or diarrhea outside that could be tested to see if there anything toxic in it. Are there any Xmas plants your casts could had eaten? I hope they'll get better fast.
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