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That greyhound's colouring is so much like my Sunshine's that it's amazing. His legs look a lot longer though. And I've seen that ear postiont before!
cpietra - Take something that is a really special treat and take the shepherd (on a leash, so yo can control it) into a room where it's just you, the retriever, the cat, and the treats. Best is if the cat can sit somewhere really high, with an escape route that DOESN"T mean going near the dog. Every time the dog starts to move toward the cat say "Leave it!" Reward even a brief look towards you and away from the cat with a tasty treat. Do this maybe four times and then take the dog away. Repeat later. Never push it. You don't want to stress either cat or dog. If you can't distract the dog easily from the cat, move farther away into a room beside the room with the cat and start there. Only a couple of tries, morning and night. Set the dog up for success. If he fails move back to a distance he can be easily distracted at. When he responds to "Leave it" there, move a little closer. When he is reliable there, move a couple more steps. It takes patience, but it can be done. My dog now tolerates Seuss walking under her belly and between her legs, and only sniffs. (On the other hand, Misty took some of the training into her own paws and Sunshine now considers the big white cat a scary dog eating monster)
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