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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Emcee could you try keeping him indoors and segregated for a few reasons? Its not helping him especially if he has FIV to be outside fighting with other cats. Secondly if he has a wound and any other ailments that could be why he is hissing and spitting.

Another option would be to ask the vet is there is anything that you could medicate him with to calm him down a bit?

Is he neutered?

Dear Winston,

i cannot keep him in since i have 2 other cats, 11 and 4 months, which i try to keep away from Fanta (i let Fanta in, then let the 2 others go out while F is indoors).

Yes he is neutered, but since i found him and neutered him when he was already an adult (1 year old), he did not changed his behavior and he still really territorial..

I will see the vet to check on him again, i guess there will be blood tests to be done.
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