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Thanks guys, Hazel maybe I will do that. I didn't think to take a stool sample in. Her stools have been very hard which I assume is probably due to the Metacam she's taking, so sometimes she'll go 36 to 48 hours without a poop (she has never been a big pooper though). That's what happened the other day when she had the first accident at work, she hadn't gone in a couple days then suddenly there it was. The next two days she went twice a day, but just small firm poops. Last night she pooped alot. Then this morning when we walked and she didn't go I didn't think much of it. Until it came out in the car! Then about two hours after that she had a huge runny poop. The runny poop is very unlike her. So yeah, it can't hurt to take a sample in. Whenever she decides to go again!
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