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Awww... poor old girl. I can honestly say that age may have something to do with Shadows, but our poor little Nookie has those issues as well. He does what we have termed "The Potty Run"
When he has to go, he doesn't give us much notice (he may not have much notice himself, we haven't quite figured him out yet). He will run, full speed, to the front door, then to the back door. He has a real sense of urgency when doing this. Over the weekend, I ran to let him out and the poor little guy was hunched a bit and spinning in a circle at the door. You could tell he was trying to hold it, but it just didn't work and he dropped a couple of small ones at the door. OnceI got there and opened the door, he bolted out pooping as he was running. I hope Shadows is just due to her maybe having a little tummy upset. Hugs to you both
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